Congratulations on your purchase with HSN

This short video will help you get the best from your Mardles interactive stickers!

Instructions for use

1) Open your app store on your smart phone or tablet.

2) Search for 'Mardles' and download the free App

(You’ll need WiFi / Data the first time you open the App)

3) When you first open the app you'll be asked 2 questions: the first is to give the Mardles app permission to access your camera in order for our app to function. The second is to allow us access to save photos and selfies to your gallery. We will never have access to the images saved on your device.

4) With the Mardles app open, hold your phone or tablet over a sticker to magically bring it to life

5) Once the character is on screen, use the arrow controls to move it around

6) Press the camera icon to take photos and the selfie button to flip the camera around so that your character is on screen with you. You can pinch and zoom on the character to change it's size and drag it around the screen to get it in the best position for your perfect selfie!

Remember that the Mardles app contains no in-app purchases, you don't need to register to use it and it can be used anywhere once it's installed.

If you'd rather not grant permission for our app to save photos to your gallery, you can simply take a screen shot instead.

How to take a screen shot on most devices
Press the 'power' and 'home' buttons at the same time


If you have any other questions or would like to talk to us or give feedback, we're here:

Call us on: (484) 482 - 8190

Email: hello@alivelab.co.uk